My Feudal Lord by Tehmina Durrani
3.67 /5

Born into one of Pakistan's most influential families, Tehmina Durrani was raised in the privileged milieu of Lahore high society. Like all women of her rank, she was expected to marry a prosperous Mu...

The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber
4.03 /5

E-Myth \ 'e-,'mith\ n 1: the entrepreneurial myth: the myth that most people who start small businesses are entrepreneurs 2: the fatal assumption that an individual who understands the technical work ...

Jack: Straight from the Gut by Jack Welch
3.80 /5

Nearly 20 years ago, former General Electric CEO Reg Jones walked into Jack Welch's office and wrapped him in a bear hug. "Congratulations, Mr. Chairman", said Reg. It was a defining moment for Americ...

Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman by Lindy West
4.15 /5

Coming of age in a culture that demands women be as small, quiet, and compliant as possible--like a porcelain dove that will also have sex with you--writer and humorist Lindy West quickly discovered t...

The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude by Étienne de La Boétie
3.95 /5

This classic work of the sixteenth century political philosopher, in reply to Machiavelli's The Prince, seeks to answer the question of why people submit to the tyranny of government, and as such, has...

The Damage Done: Twelve Years of Hell in a Bangkok Prison by Warren Fellows
4.08 /5

In 1978 Warren Fellows was convicted of heroin trafficking between Thailand and Australia. He was consequently sentenced to life in Bang Kwang prison, known as the Bangkok Hilton. This is the story of...

The Book of Psalms: A Translation with Commentary by Robert Alter
4.44 /5

Like the Five Books of Moses a cornerstone of the scriptural canon, the Book of Psalms has been a source of solace and joy for countless readers over millennia. The cleansing purity of its images invi...

The Last Train from Hiroshima: The Survivors Look Back by Charles Pellegrino
The Universe of Us by Lang Leav
4.08 /5

Lang Leav presents a completely new collection of poetry with a celestial theme in .Planets, stars, and constellations feature prominently in this beautiful, original poetry collection from Lang Leav....

The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates by Wes Moore
3.83 /5

In December 2000, the Baltimore Sunran a small piece about Wes Moore, a local student who had just received a Rhodes Scholarship. The same paper also ran a series of articles about four young men who ...

لماذا من حولك أغبياء؟ by Sherif Arafa
3.78 /5

أنت شخص ذكي، وإلا لما جذبك عنوان الكتاب، ولما قررت قراءة نبذة عنه !هل تعتقد أن زملاءك في العمل لا يفهمونك؟ شريك حياتك؟ رئيسك؟ أصدقاءك؟ أهلك؟ عملاءك؟هل تعاني من مشكلة أن الناس لا يفهمونك كما ينبغي لهم ...

Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic
4.13 /5

No detail more

The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person's Guide to Writing in the 21st Century by Steven Pinker
4.05 /5

Why is so much writing so bad, and how can we make it better? Is the English language being corrupted by texting and social media? Do the kids today even care about good writing? Why should any of us ...

The Conquest of Gaul by Gaius Julius Caesar
3.98 /5

No detail more

The Life of Our Lord: Written for His Children During the Years 1846 to 1849 by Charles Dickens
4.01 /5

In this charming, simple retelling of the life of Jesus Christ, adapted from the Gospel of St. Luke, Dickens hoped to teach his young children about religion and faith. Author: Charles DickensFormat: ...

Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative? by Mark Fisher
4.24 /5

After 1989, capitalism has presented itself as the only realistic political-economic system. What effects has this “capitalist realism” had on work, culture, education and mental health? Is it possibl...

It's a Jungle Out There by Ron Snell
3.98 /5

Book One of the Rani Adventures begins with Ron Snell's birth as the eldest child of missionary parents living in the rainforests of Peru. Colorfully depicting what it was like growing up in such surr...

Coal Wars: The Future of Energy and the Fate of the Planet by Richard Martin
3.65 /5

Since the late 18th century, when it emerged as a source of heating and, later, steam power, coal has brought untold benefits to mankind. Even today, coal generates almost 45 percent of the world's po...

Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines by Rajiv Malhotra
4.41 /5

India's integrity is being undermined by three global networks that have well-established operating bases inside India: (i) Islamic radicalism linked with Pakistan, (ii) Maoists and Marxist radicals s...

How Language Works: How Babies Babble, Words Change Meaning, and Languages Live or Die by David Crystal
3.85 /5

In this fascinating survey of everything from how sounds become speech to how names work, David Crystal answers every question you might ever have had about the nuts and bolts of language in his usual...