Wicked Sense

Wicked Sense

Paperback, 308 pages

Published September 2012 by Booklings Publishing


Witches inhabit our world, organized in covens and hiding behind a shroud of secrecy—the Veil.

Skye’s London coven sends her to Seattle’s Greenwood High to find the Singularity, an unusually gifted witch who may break the Veil and trigger a dangerous new era of witch-hunting. Things get c......more


About the author(Fabio Bueno)

Writer of Young Adult novels. Family Man. Kids' Driver. Pet-owned. Coffee Inhaler. "Runner." Book Hugger. Easily Amused. Gravity Compliant.

Fabio writes Young Adult/Urban Fantasy/Paranormal novels. He resides in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and kids. When not writing or reading, he......more

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