Who Killed Honor Bright?

Who Killed Honor Bright?

Authors : Patricia L. Hughes

ISBN10 : 1909275026 ISBN13 : 9781909275027

Genres :

Language: English

4.60 /5

Hardcover, 226 pages

Published September 28th 2014 by Patricia Hughes


Authorities in the new Irish Free State harassed and murdered Honor Bright before maligning her as a prostitute and acquitting her assassin. The newly founded Garda Siochana spread deceitful rumours and coerced witnesses to conceal Honor's true identity and the real reason for he death. False eviden......more


About the author(Patricia L. Hughes)

My dad, a Dubliner, was illegitimate and didn't know who his father was.

Suddenly I realised that he was the son of William Butler Yeats and started to find out about my grandmother, who was murdered when he was four.

One thing led to another, and now I've written several book......more

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