When Innocence Dies

When Innocence Dies

Authors : K.A. Stevens

ISBN10 : 0615616534 ISBN13 : 9780615616537

Genres :

Language: English

3.36 /5

Kindle Edition, 262 pages

Published June 12th 2012 by


"When Innocence Dies" introduces psychopathic but brilliant nurse anesthetist, Benny Cole. A man molded by a sick and twisted mother, Benny becomes obsessed when the love of his life, psychiatrist Maggie Taylor, wants to break up. Maggie, also a survivor of child abuse, starts to see Benny for what ......more


About the author(K.A. Stevens)

Army Brat through and through. Allowed me to live all over the world and learn that there is more than me out there. My first love was theatre, but gave it up for a "real" job and became an RN. My first love in nursing was psychiatry. Maybe a bit theatrical but emotional pain can be just as haunting......more

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