Authors : Daniel Hardman

ISBN10 : 1481268899 ISBN13 : 978148126899

Genres : Science Fiction

Language: English

3.53 /5

Paperback, 390 pages

Published December 2012 by CreateSpace


Rafa thinks he's safe in witness protection until a former FBI partner is murdered, and he's arrested for the crime. Has he been set up?

He can't divulge enough truth to get off--it would endanger his new family. Sentenced to life in prison and heartbroken by his wife's rejection, he trad......more


About the author(Daniel Hardman)

The Christmas I was six, I snuck into a hallway to listen at the bannister as my parents discussed presents in the living room below.

When my parents heard me, they switched into German. That was when I fell in love with language.

I was already hooked on stories by this time. I......more

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