The White Horse is Running

The White Horse is Running

Authors : Fay Sampson

ISBN10 : 0745919154 ISBN13 : 9780745919157

Genres :

Language: English

3.90 /5

Paperback, 168 pages

Published August 1st 1990 by Lion Publishing Corporation


Princess Finnglas and the white cat Pangur Báan set out to recapture an unbroken white colt which, according to legend, may unwittingly force their people into battle.


About the author(Fay Sampson)

Fay Sampson graduated in Mathematics, and trained as a teacher. Combining teaching with writing, Fay's children's books were frequently featured in 'Children's Books of the Year'. When she became a full-time writer, she turned to writing novels for adults, based on history and legend. She now lives ......more

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