The View From A Rusty Train Car

The View From A Rusty Train Car

Authors : DeeJay Arens

ISBN10 : 1927044340 ISBN13 : 9781927044346

Genres : Sociology,Abuse,Romance,M M Romance

Language: English

4.18 /5

Paperback, 322 pages

Published August 20th 2012 by Writers AMuse Me Publishing


“No one talks about what happens when you fall in love with the boy next door -- not when you’re the boy living beside the boy next door.”

Jared didn’t want to do it, but it had to be done. Someone had to sit before the government hearing to explain why a gay man was nothing to be vilifie......more


About the author(DeeJay Arens)

2013 Next Generation Indie Book of the Year Award Winner ~ GLBT

2012 ForeWord Book of the Year Award Finalist ~ GLBT

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