The Unfastened Heart

The Unfastened Heart

Authors : Lane von Herzen

ISBN10 : 0452272904 ISBN13 : 9780452272903

Genres :

Language: English

4.06 /5

Paperback, 256 pages

Published November 1st 1995 by Plume


Anna de la Senda is a woman whose very name is a legacy of love; her daughter, Mariela, grows up to embody all its beauty and tenderness. Anna possesses an extraordinary empathy that draws to her a marvelous collection of lovelorn souls, who form a mischievous chorus in the novel and play matchmaker......more


About the author(Lane von Herzen)

Lane von Herzen is an award-winning literary novelist. Her two books,

(Morrow/Penguin) and

(Dutton/Penguin) were sold at auction, being published to enthusiastic critical acclaim. The film option to

sold at auction to Columbia Pictures.

was selecte......more

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