The Testament of Vida Tremayne

The Testament of Vida Tremayne

Authors : Sarah Vincent

ISBN10 : 1910153109 ISBN13 : 9781910153109

Genres : Fiction

Language: English

3.90 /5

Paperback, 400 pages

Published November 7th 2014 by Three Hares publishing


A lonely novelist, A devoted fan, A journal that speaks of unspeakable things… Author Vida Tremayne lies silent in a hospital bed. The forces which brought about her terrifying decline are shrouded in mystery. Meanwhile, her estranged daughter Dory is forced to abandon her fast paced city life to be......more


About the author(Sarah Vincent)

Sarah Vincent has two grown up children and lives in the South Shropshire countryside with her husband and her Jack Russell terrier, Beryl.

She writes in a converted coal-shed at the back of the house.

In the early days she juggled writing with various jobs, most of which she ......more

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