The Songbird With Sapphire Eyes

The Songbird With Sapphire Eyes

Authors : Anna Brentwood

ISBN10 : 1478368470 ISBN13 : 9781478368472

Genres :

Language: English

4.15 /5

Mass Market Paperback, 357 pages

Published September 14th 2012 by Main Line Productions


In 1918, Kansas City is Sin City.

Forced to leave home at age fourteen, beautiful Hannah Glidden struggles to survive, but with help from her childhood friend, Meg, mistress to a wealthy married man and her roommate the irrepressible, flapper extraordinaire, Rosie, she thrives as a cabare......more


About the author(Anna Brentwood)

Anna was a bookworm almost since birth and was recognized as a writing PRO by Romance Writers of America in 2002, and accepted into PAN in 2015. Anna graduated from Philadelphia’s, University of the Arts.

Moving to Southern California, she pursued a versatile career in children’s book il......more

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