The Song of Mavin Manyshaped

The Song of Mavin Manyshaped

Mass Market Paperback, 183 pages

Published March 1st 1985 by Ace


For Mavin, coming of age as a shape-shifter is both exhilarating and terrifying. Recklessly headstrong, she is to become notorious in the lands of the True Game. With her brother, she leaves their home - a place of slavery and fear - only to have the boy's powers of beguilement lead them into danger......more



Song of Mavin contains the kernels of everything I love about Tepper's work. There's the character herself; a little dreamy but becoming determined and practical, coming into her strength by developing self-reliance and thinking far outside tradition. The threads of horror running through it, and th......more


The Song of Mavin Manyshaped was like a time capsule for me. This book was printed in 1985 and comes from an era in publishing in which fantasy novels were not required to be thick enough to stop a bullet. (Witness Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series or George R R Martin's a Song of Ice and Fire AK......more


Mavin's story, starting from around 14-5 years old, just finding her Shifter Talent.

Taking her younger brother, she escape toward the keep of her thalan.On the way they fell into many adventures. They meet the Seer Windlow with his young charges the Wizard Twizzledale and the Demon Huld.......more

Christine Rose

Like most high fantasy books I try to read, there are far too many strange words and creatures and names to keep them all straight.

I got about halfway through before deciding that it was too confusing and too much work. I'll stick with urban fantasy.

That said, what I did re......more

Eden Celeste

I originally read this book in high school and it made a large impact on me. I've re-read it since, but it's still probably been 15 years since I've picked it up so my memory is now rather sketchy on the actual story. However, this was probably the best book I've read about a shape shifter (not of t......more

Arlene Allen

An outstanding, well developed, brilliantly characterized, clearly imagined and original - this is my favorite of all Tepper's series.

You know, I do understand about messages and causes (especially those I support) but it saddens me to no end to see such a brilliant talent limited in the......more


(Review written 1996 )

After many years away from the work of Sheri S. Tepper, I found some very nice paperback copies of "The story of the most famous shapeshifter of them all!" at the used bookstore a few weeks ago. I'd read Tepper's "True Game" trilogy back in the mid-eighties, and enj......more


Song of Mavin brings smile after smile to readers throughout this novel. Like others, I discovered that I love the light hearted writing and the whimsical characters. This, I thought, is what a fantasy should be. It’s true fantasy and so much fun.

So, who is Mavin Manyshaped? She’s a shap......more

David Reid

If you’re familiar with the King’s Blood Four trilogy - and liked it - then this one’s a no-brainer. If, however, you’re new to the True Game series, then it might be a little hard to appreciate the depth of this fictional world as it’s presented.

This was my second read of this book - th......more


This was a pretty original fantasy tale that got into some dark territory early on and then swayed away from it. I feel like there's probably a very complicated world behind this story, but we only get a glimpse of it. The "Gamesman" part of it didn't seem very fleshed out, as if she got too distrac......more

About the author(Sheri S. Tepper)

Sheri Stewart Tepper was a prolific American author of science fiction, horror and mystery novels; she was particularly known as a feminist science fiction writer, often with an ecofeminist slant.

Born near Littleton, Colorado, for most of her career (1962-1986) she worked for Rocky Mount......more

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