The Society’s Traitor

The Society’s Traitor

Authors : V.K. Finnish

ISBN10 : 098522021X ISBN13 : 9780985220211

Genres : Childrens,Fantasy

Language: English

4.20 /5

Paperback, 326 pages

Published June 2012 by Panama Hat Publishing, Ltd.


Arthur lives in an old mansion steeped in rumors of hidden treasure, and he plans to be the one who finally finds it.But it seems he’s not the only one. When sneaky magician thieves show up, Arthur is launched into an adventure with Transportal doors, odd powers, and magical creatures. He finally se......more


About the author(V.K. Finnish)

Once upon a sixth grade, V. K. Finnish started a writing career by writing stories instead of studying in math class. Fortunately, the teacher understood. Besides writing, Finnish has always enjoyed hiking, traveling, taking photos, and pretending to know how to draw. All of those things can be done......more

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