The Sixth Eye (The Twilight Legacies #1)

The Sixth Eye (The Twilight Legacies #1)

Authors : M.J. Stoddard

ISBN10 : 1434984400 ISBN13 : 9781434984401

Genres :


5.00 /5

Paperback, 234 pages

Published April 25th 2011 by Dorrance Publishing Company, Inc.


A mysterious mercenary known as Blain Ross is reactivated as an officer of the UTCN(United Terran Confederate Navy) after a tenuous reunion with his former C. O. Under orders of the Confederate Naval Command, he is informed of the rising threat of a very powerful race known as the Nurii. As events u......more


About the author(M.J. Stoddard)

Born in NJ and lived for several years, before relocated to Wisconsin for a brief time, Maryland and Pennsylvania where he resides with his wife and son.

During his HS years, M J Stoddard started his journey as a writer, where he started developing short stories. The end of his sophomore......more

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