The Shadow Man

The Shadow Man

Authors : Mark Murphy

ISBN10 : 1938296036 ISBN13 : 9781938296031

Genres : Thriller,Fiction,Horror,Suspense

Language: English

4.01 /5

Paperback, 348 pages

Published July 20th 2012 by Langdon Street Press (a division of Hillcrest Publishing Group, Inc.)


Savannah surgeon Malcolm King had a perfect life--a loving wife, devoted daughter, and a thriving medical practice. But when a random airport parking lot hit-and-run links him to a dead body in a Florida hotel and an acquaintance is found dismembered and stuffed into a garbage bag, Malcolm finds him......more


About the author(Mark Murphy)

Mark Murphy has been a doctor since 1988.

He has been a writer his entire life.

After spending his early childhood reading anything he could get his hands on and roaming the marshes and maritime forests of coastal Georgia--where he collected myriad seashells and arrowheads and ......more

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