The Second Daughter

The Second Daughter

Authors : J. Jeffrey

ISBN10 : 1480043214 ISBN13 : 9781480043213

Genres : Family,Fiction

Language: English

4.04 /5

Paperback, 263 pages

Published October 2012 by Top Press


Winner HONORABLE MENTION New England Book Festival!

try turning out all right after you overhear your mother wishing you hadn’t been born.

It had started out well. Umbrellas tangled. A storybook romance followed. A wonderful wedding. A beautiful, sweet first daugh......more


About the author(J. Jeffrey)

J. Jeffrey stands about six foot three, weighs two hundred pounds, and likes poetry. He has been known to climb the occasional mountain and tame the occasional lion. He sings opera as an amateur but is trained as a masseur, and he is extremely partial to his wife’s green tea perfume. He likes to dri......more

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