The Retro Man

The Retro Man

Authors : Amit Pandey

ISBN10 : 938487891X ISBN13 : 9781508402275

Genres :

Language: English

4.35 /5

Paperback, 270 pages

Published February 2015 by Create Space


“Taciturn, loner and honestly quite a bore...Neel lived with his clichéd views of life belonging to some bygone era when humility was a virtue, courage was unobtrusive, strength was courteous and movie heroes were well dressed gentlemen.”

The habitually reticent Neel is mane......more


About the author(Amit Pandey)

Amit Pandey is a writer, instructional designer based in Ghaziabad, near New Delhi in India. He is living off his keyboard since 1995 when he started his career as a copywriter for an advertising agency. His other vocational adventures include being a desk writer for an Atlanta based bimonthly, an a......more

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