The Reluctant Trader

The Reluctant Trader

Authors : David N. Robinson

ISBN10 : 1527201104 ISBN13 : 9781527201101

Genres :

Language: English

4.38 /5

Kindle Edition, 337 pages

Published September 30th 2016 by Crosets Publishing


When disgraced former soldier, Adam Fraser, joins ruthlessly well-connected tax-exile Ricky Al-Shawabi as an oil trader, Fraser finds himself at the centre of a British Operation trying to expose Al-Shawabi as a criminal tax evader. However, the tentacles of Al-Shawabi’s operation reach high into th......more


About the author(David N. Robinson)

A while ago, I was a partner and chief operating officer in a major accounting firm, and latterly held the same role in an international law firm. It took me 36 years and several million air miles to do, arguably, what I should have done several years earlier: give up the day job and focus on a life......more

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