The Rapture

The Rapture

Hardcover, 304 pages

Published August 11th 2009 by Doubleday


It is a June unlike any other before, with temperatures soaring to asphyxiating heights. All across the world, freak weather patterns—and the life-shattering catastrophes they entail—have become the norm. The twenty-first century has entered a new phase.

But Gabrielle Fox’s main concern ......more



i don't know what my problem is.

for anyone else, this would probably be a four- or five-star book, and looking through my friends list, it seems to indeed be the case. and i am thrilled, because i love liz jensen and she gets very little play in this country - most of her books are out o......more


I got a copy of this through Amazon Vine, and the only reason why I finished this book is so that I could write a review about the entire thing. I did skim pages in the second half of the book, though, because I don't think I would have made it through otherwise. The subject of natural disaster and ......more



isn't one of the greatest books I've ever read, it was an excellent read that gave me characters to care about and ideas to think about. While the story wraps up in a shocking manner, the story itself contains enough ambiguity to leave some things up to the reader's experience and......more


I'll admit, I have a tendancy to get a little too engrossed in a good book. A powerful story with characters I connect with can actually have a physical impact on me - my stomach churns, my heart races, my palms sweat.

That said, after turning the final page of The Rapture by Liz Jensen,......more

S K Gillespie

a chapter into Liz Jensen’s latest novel and my mind was reeling and I was wondering what on earth I had gotten myself in for. Unfortunately, the momentum fizzles out about half way and it turns into an amalgam of every disaster/Armageddon movie you’ve ever seen, albeit with more sophisticated langu......more


this is yet another installment of what is becoming a fairly lengthy list of books/authors that i have never heard of that karen has recommended to i've said on goodreads before, she has great literary taste and we obviously like the same kind of books/writng as every single one has been great......more


I had a hard time piecing together a review for Liz Jensen’s The Rapture, an apocalyptic eco-thriller. Though I found the book hard to put down, I also found aspects of it irritating. The story centers around a therapist, Gabrielle, assigned to treat a young murderess, Bethany, and things begin to g......more


It was really difficult to rate this book because I did like most bits of the first 80% of this book and then it really went downhill for me.

The story is told by an art therapist who was involved in a car accident that left her wheelchair bound. She manages to get a job (before she is re......more


Purely on its appeal as an eco-thriller, this book would merit four stars - it's decently paced, grippingly conceived, bleak but engaging, with enough scientifically sound research to back up the plot: Set in an undefined but plausibly grim near future, a cynical, wheelchair-bound art therapist is c......more

Nikki in Niagara

Reason for Reading: Apocalyptic fiction is one of my favourite sub-genres.

Summary: It is the not too distant future and the world has entered a new phase, one where global warming has happened and temperatures, weather and climates are no longer what they used to be. Gabrielle Fox is a ......more

About the author(Liz Jensen)

Liz Jensen was born in Oxfordshire, the daughter of a Danish father and an Anglo-Moroccan mother. She spent two years as a journalist in the Far East before joining the BBC, first as a journalist, then as a TV and radio producer. She then moved to France where she worked as a sculptor began her firs......more

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