The Proxy Bride

The Proxy Bride

Authors : Terri Favro

ISBN10 : 1927443067 ISBN13 : 9781927443064

Genres :

Language: English

3.90 /5

Paperback, 123 pages

Published September 27th 2012 by Quattro Books


In Niagara of the 1960s, a mysterious proxy bride arrives from Italy to marry a candy shop owner with crime connections, only to fall in love with her proxy husband's teenaged son. Part fairy tale, part gritty realism, The Proxy Bride explores the underbelly of a southern Ontario community steeped i......more


About the author(Terri Favro)

Growing up in an immigrant neighbourhood in Canada's Niagara region, Terri Favro was always told that "if there's a nuclear war, we'll be the first to go", due to the proximity of the Niagara hydroelectric station. Her earliest influences were superhero comics, Warner Brothers cartoons, robots, MAD ......more

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