The Metro Dogs Of Moscow

The Metro Dogs Of Moscow

Paperback, 208 pages

Published January 15th 2013 by Puffin Books


JR (short for Jack Russell) is an embassy dog. His human, George, is a diplomat who has to travel for work. A

. Now George is working at the Canadian Embassy in Moscow. And while he fancies himself an adventurous globetrotter, he doesn't see why JR needs any more excitement than hanging ......more


About the author(Rachelle Delaney)

Rachelle Delaney is the author of several middle-grade novels, including The Metro Dogs of Moscow, which was a CLA Book of the Year Honour Book, The Circus Dogs of Prague, a finalist for the 2017 Pacific Northwest Library Association’s Young Reader’s Choice Award, and Clara Voyant, shortlisted for t......more

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