The Malevolent Twin

The Malevolent Twin

Authors : Mary Sage Nguyen

ISBN10 : 0996256105 ISBN13 : 9780996256100

Genres :

Language: English

3.69 /5

Paperback, 126 pages

Published April 10th 2015 by Mary Sage Nguyen Books


A murderous wicked twin.

An innocent, law abiding, and oblivious girl.

The ultimate brawl between contrasting sisters!

Murder, mystery, suspense and more

Avery is a normal teenager, except for Venice. Venice is Avery’s imaginary friend or so she thinks.......more


About the author(Mary Sage Nguyen)

Mary Sage Nguyen is the youngest daughter of Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants. Vietnamese was the language spoken at home, so the only way she was able to learn English was through the public school system. Even though English was not spoken at home, Mary became an avid reader as a young child and ......more

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