The Last Prince of Atlantis

The Last Prince of Atlantis

Authors : Leonard Clifton

ISBN10 : 1477148809 ISBN13 : 9781477148808

Genres : Fantasy

Language: English

3.93 /5

Hardcover, 394 pages

Published January 25th 2012 by Xlibris Corporation


Allen King is an unassuming Black teenager living in a blue-collar family in Miami, Florida. After finding a magical crystal necklace he discovers that he's actually an Atlantean prince. Suddenly things change for the gawky teenager. He gains the powers of telepathy and teleportation and finds that ......more


About the author(Leonard Clifton)

Leonard Clifton started as a print model, which led him to acting. His first role was in Steven Spielberg’s Amistad. He went on to have roles in several other films like the cult classic Bring It On, television productions, and international commercials. Leonard loves writing, supporting his favorit......more

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