The Innocent and the Condemned

The Innocent and the Condemned

Authors : Kay Harding

ISBN10 : 1480007838 ISBN13 : 9781480007833

Genres : Fantasy

Language: English

3.96 /5

Paperback, 274 pages

Published September 18th 2012 by CreateSpace


“We were the creatures desired throughout the ages…

Foolish humans didn’t even realize it, living in their own little world”

Lily, Kai and Ash are three of the rarest creatures alive--Sirens, so rare that they aren't even aware of each other. In a time when creatures of myth an......more


About the author(Kay Harding)

"I am the teller of tales."

I live in Charlottesville Va, I'm hard at work on the rest of my first original series!

I also love to read, play video games, cook, watch movies, go for walks, and obviously write.

I have worked with children since I was 16 and I absolut......more

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