The Guide to the Territories of Halla

The Guide to the Territories of Halla

Authors : D.J. MacHale

ISBN10 : 1416900144 ISBN13 : 9781416900146

Genres : Young Adult,Fantasy,Science Fiction,Teen,Fiction,Adventure

Language: English

3.87 /5

Paperback, 48 pages

Published May 1st 2005 by Aladdin


All there ever was; all that will be.

For the first time, see the amazing sights of Halla as only Bobby Pendragon has. From the watery depths of Cloral to the rugged mountain ranges of Denduron to the jungles of Eelong, from the Earth territories to the decaying fantasy world of Veelox, i......more


About the author(D.J. MacHale)

D.J. MacHale is a writer, director, executive producer and creator of several popular television series and movies.

He was raised in Greenwich, CT and graduated from Greenwich High School. While in school, he had several jobs including collecting eggs at a poultry farm, engraving sports t......more

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