The Grave Blogger

The Grave Blogger

Authors : Donna D. Fontenot

ISBN10 : 0615655572 ISBN13 : 9780615655574

Genres : Mystery,Thriller

Language: English

3.90 /5

Paperback, 312 pages

Published July 4th 2012 by DDtech Publishing


The scenic bayous and small towns of South Louisiana hold hidden dangers beyond those you might expect - in a tangled tale of mystery and suspense. Raya, a freelance writer and blogger, researches cold cases for true crime websites. One case in particular, the Bayou Family Slaughter case, stirs maca......more


About the author(Donna D. Fontenot)

Donna D. Fontenot was born in Louisiana to a typical Cajun family who understood and embraced the love of great food, hard work, and good times (not necessarily in that order). After earning a degree in English Education, she decided to ignore that accomplishment and focus on her passion for technol......more

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