The Game-Players of Titan

The Game-Players of Titan

Paperback, 223 pages

Published August 2001 by Voyager Classics / HarperCollins


In this sardonically funny gem of speculative fiction, Philip K. Dick creates a novel that manages to be simultaneously unpredictable and perversely logical.

Poor Pete Garden has just lost Berkeley. He's also lost his wife, but he'll get a new one as soon as he rolls a three. It's all pa......more


Glenn Russell

Power to the people! Unfortunately, in Philip K. Dick's 1962 novel

, we're two hundred years into the future, the people are the entire human race and humans have anything but power – in the aftermath of Hinkle radiation and losing a war with the Titanians aka vugs from Planet Titan, the......more


Checklist of common PKD novel elements present in Game Players of Titan:

drug use – check!

mental illness – check!

flying cars – check!

pre-cogs – check!

con-apts – check!

vid-phones – check!

homeopapes – check!



The first time I read this was years ago and I remember thinking how wild it was to have so many of PKD's normal theme soup all in one place. You know... simulacra, psi, suicide, drugs, intrigue, murder, aliens, altered realities, dark fate for humanity, etc... but I didn't remember this novel being......more


A potent and amusing brew of many of PKDs favorite themes, e.g. paranoia, conspiracy, depression, hallucinatory drugs, psi, and really weird aliens with seemingly insidious intentions posing as humans. On top of this luck plays a central role, as embodied in the strange monopoly/poker like game call......more


― Philip K. Dick, The Game-Players of Titan

Books seem to float into my life in pairs, like aces, kings, or quite often twos. I guess I could count "The Game-Players of Titan" as my second gambling novel in a month. The first was Jonathan Lethem's

. There is something fascinat......more


In the aftermath of an inter-species war somewhere around the 22th century, Terrans and Vugs settled on a military 'Concordate', stating the rules which both species have to obey from then on.

Take one of these rules : As Vugs frown on plain causality, now your life as a Terran is determi......more


Philip K. Dick's 10th novel, "The Game-Players of Titan," was originally released in 1963 as an Ace paperback (F-251, for all the collectors out there), with a cover price of a whopping 40 cents. His follow-up to the Hugo Award-winning "The Man in the High Castle," it was one of six novels that Phil......more


New introduction by Robert Thurston.

Note: This is not a library copy.

Roaming the pristine landscape of Earth, cared for by machines and aliens, the few remaining humans alive since the war with Titan play Bluff, allowing them to win or lose property and also form new marriag......more

Charles Dee Mitchell

"Anyhow, Pete Garden, you were psychotic and drunk and on amphetamines and hallucinating, but basically you perceived the reality that confronts us..."

PKD must have dreamed that any one of his five wives or several girlfriends would one day sit across the breakfast table and speak those ......more


"It had been a bad night, and when he tried to drive home he had a terrible argument with his car."

A vintage record store owner. A mysterious crooner by the name of Nats Katz. Characters who are all casually familiar with the theories of Jung. Yes, you've stepped into another Philip K. D......more

About the author(Philip K. Dick)

Philip K. Dick was born in Chicago in 1928 and lived most of his life in California. In 1952, he began writing professionally and proceeded to write numerous novels and short-story collections. He won the Hugo Award for the best novel in 1962 for

and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award ......more

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