The Game

The Game

Hardcover, 400 pages

Published March 2nd 2004 by Bantam


It’s only the second day of 1924, but Mary Russell and her husband, Sherlock Holmes, find themselves embroiled in intrigue. It starts with a New Year’s visit from Holmes’s brother Mycroft, who comes bearing a strange package containing the papers of an English spy named Kimball O’Hara—the same Kimba......more


Amalia Gkavea

My journey to find a good British mystery series has led me to the stories of Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell, his student and wife, by Laurie R. King. I will not hide the fact that I was extremely sceptical at first. I mean, Sherlock having a wife other than

a.k.a. Irene Adler? Prepos......more


This is the seventh novel in King’s Mary Russell series and one of my favourites so far. In this instalment, Sherlock Holmes and his wife and partner Mary Russell travel to India to look for Kimball O’Hara – the hero of Rudyard Kipling’s

. There is concern from on high that Kim, who has ......more

Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede

I like this book very much, a missing spy, India and Mary Russell that has to disguise herself to save Sherlock Holmes. It's a wonderful entertaining and engrossing book.

Christine PNW

Book 7 in my continuing Mary Russell audio project. I really like this installment - one of my favorite things that Laurie King does is bring in other literary characters. We've previously briefly met Lord Peter Wimsey, and now Kimball O'Hara of Rudyard Kipling fame becomes a central character in Th......more

Lisa (Harmonybites)

This is the seventh book in the Mary Russell series, which involve partnering Sherlock Holmes, professionally and romantically, with an unlikely female counterpart: and I love them--ever since I discovered one of the middle books in the series,

Well, this particular book is a twofer. As......more

Madhulika Liddle

It is 1924, and in England, Mycroft Holmes summons his brother Sherlock and Sherlock's wife, Mary Russell, to a meeting. Mycroft has a request on behalf of the government: go to India to find Kimball O'Hara, the Kim of Rudyard Kipling's book. No, not a fictional character, but a flesh-and-blood man ......more


How audacious of Laurie R. King - to reason that if Sherlock Holmes was actually a real person, then why couldn't Kim (of Kipling's book) also be a real person! Hence, the "Game" of this title refers to the "Great Game" of Victorian times. This book was a lot of fun.


We'd talked on a prior entry on my journal about how the entire Mary Russell series can be easily argued to be one of the most successful and longest-running Mary Sue storylines ever. This is not to say that the storyline and concept suck--just that the notion of sticking a new character into the es......more

Kathy Martin

A birthday dinner with Mycroft on Mary's twenty-fourth birthday in January, 1924, sends Holmes and Russell to India to search for Kimball O'Hara who hasn't been seen for three years. Tensions are rising in India. The nationalist uprising under Ghandi is gaining momentum and the rivalry between Russi......more


Laurie King's

is a pleasure for the senses and mind.

is chock full of interesting and beloved characters: Sherlock Holmes; his equally smart, competent, and courageous wife; and the grown-up version of Rudyard Kipling's Kim (and, perhaps, his reincarnation). King both writes......more

About the author(Laurie R. King)

Edgar-winning mystery writer Laurie R. King writes series and standalone novels. Her official forum is

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King's 2018 novel,

, sees Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes travel from London's Bedlam t......more

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