The Emma Caites Way

The Emma Caites Way

Authors : A.V. Walters

ISBN10 : 9780983217 ISBN13 : 9780983217299

Genres :

Language: English

4.41 /5

, 404 pages

Published November 1st 2011 by Two Rock Press


Empty-nester, Fiona Hedge, finds a strange and evocative painting while rummaging in a thrift store. Later she discovers that it connects her to Emma Caites, an obscure, long-dead artist whose mysterious life compels her. In her quest to unravel Emma’s story, Fiona is forced to shake free of her own......more


About the author(A.V. Walters)

A.V. Walters was born in Canada, to American parents. (And after thirty years in California, she no longer says 'eh' at the end of her sentences.) After several years at the chicken farm in Sonoma County where she began writing, A.V. Walters relocated to Northern Michigan. She is an advocate of “buc......more

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