The Death of Grandote

The Death of Grandote

Authors : Alex Ehrenzeller

ISBN10 : 0996820183 ISBN13 : 9780996820189

Genres :


3.33 /5

Paperback, 210 pages

Published September 17th 2015 by Bigfoot Books


Somewhere between A WALK IN THE WOODS and INTO THE WILD, a study abroad program turns into much more than marine biology, cultural anthropology, and surfing. Tripe soup, passion fruit juice, love and drunken basketball, eleven University students experience it all while weaving into one with their n......more


About the author(Alex Ehrenzeller)

Alex Ehrenzeller spent the better half of his University years in the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. In 2012 he dropped out of dental school, founded a volunteer dental clinic on the Galápagos Islands, and began writing his first novel. He is currently composing another story.

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