The Clash (The Warrior's Journal)

The Clash (The Warrior's Journal)

Authors : Carlos Ramón Advincola Jr.

ISBN10 : 1632680963 ISBN13 : 9781632680969

Genres :

Language: English

5.00 /5

Paperback, 258 pages

Published July 22nd 2014 by Tate Publishing


30 years in the future, the world is overrun by hideous demons, who have been wiping the human race off the face of the planet. But how did it even come about? Was there anyone able to defeat them? Those questions and more were gradually being answered as Hector, a 25 year old orphan, discovered a m......more


About the author(Carlos Ramón Advincola Jr.)

I've been writing since the third grade. My favorite genres are: sci-fi, fantasy, action, suspense, and alittle mystery. Ever since I was younger I always enjoyed reading heavy books. Either paperback or hardcovers. My dream has always been to be a best selling author one day.

I've been ......more

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