The Book of Nightmares

The Book of Nightmares

Authors : Galway Kinnell

ISBN10 : 0395120985 ISBN13 : 9780395120989

Genres : Poetry,Literature,Nonfiction,Contemporary,American,Dark

Language: English

4.22 /5

Paperback, 88 pages

Published May 18th 1973 by Mariner Books


Galway Kinnell's poetry has always been marked by richness of language, devotion to the things and creatures of the world, and an effort to transform every understanding into the universality of art.


About the author(Galway Kinnell)

Kinnell studied at Princeton University, graduating in 1948. He later obtained a Master's degree from the University of Rochester.

As a young man, Kinnell served in the US Navy and traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East. His first volume of poetry, What a Kingdom It Was, was ......more

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