Paperback, 357 pages

Published August 30th 2005 by Del Rey Books


Events that began in "Jarka Ruus," Book One of High Druid of Shannara, come swiftly to a head in this second thrilling volume. Alliances are made, trusts are betrayed, and prices are paid. Throughit all, Terry Brooks orchestrates the action with the flawless hand of a master mythmaker- fashioning an......more



Pen continues the journey to find the Tanequil in order to save his aunt, Grianne finally faces her greatest adversary yet inside the Forbidding, the century-long war on the Prekkendorran takes a drastic new turn as the Federation invents a secret superweapon to crush the Free-born, and the two most......more


Part two in the series High Druid of Shannara was a little less exciting than the first part. Makes sense, since its the second out of three and building up to the finale book of the trio.

Pen & the crew set out to find the Tanequil tree, which will give them one of its branches. It shoul......more

Ronda Tutt

Another great read by Terry Brooks. I love the way he leaves you hanging at the end of the story so you will jump right into the next book. As soon as I finished this book, I jumped right into Straken, the third and final book in the High Druid Of Shannara trilogy.

The journey continues f......more


Terry Brooks is a masterful writer who takes fantasy fiction to extreme heights, with his outstandingly unique creation of Shannara. Beginning with the series on Shannara where readers are introduced to the most original and inspired creation of a distinctive world, continued with the heritage of Sh......more


was hit and miss. I found myself very interested for a few chapters in a row, and then Brooks would change focus and the story lagged for another two chapters before picking up again.

Penderrin is developing well as a character, and most of the plots, especially Grianne's and the Federat......more


#22/29 in my Epic Shannara Quest.

Another thrilling chapter in the development of the Shannara saga. Exciting with some shamelessly cinematic scenquences that still manage to entertain. Nothing unexpected happens (the demon plot to subjugate the Four Lands was obvious halfway through the ......more

Paul Weiss


, Grianne Ohmsford, struggled with the inner demons of her former evil life as the Ilse Witch and the politics of her new role as Ard Rhys, High Druid of Paranor. A faction of dissenting druids on the Council led by Shadea a'Rhu, succeeded in a Machiavellian plot to lock her behind im......more

Maria Rose

This is the second book in the trilogy. Most of the story involves Pen getting to the Tanequil to get the branch to make the darkwind staff but it also tells us what is going on with Grianne in Jarka Ruus, especially since she has to use dark magic to survive but she has found an unexpected ally of ......more

Cerina witha Sea

Jeremy Michael Gallen

The second entry of author Terry Brooks’ High Druid of Shannara series opens with Sen Dunsidan, Prime Minister of the Federation, meeting with engineer Etan Orek, whom he has develop a deadly weapon to use against the Federation’s enemies. Shadea a’Ru still rules as the Ard Rhys of the Druid order, ......more

About the author(Terry Brooks)

Terry Brooks was born in Illinois in 1944, where he spent a great deal of his childhood and early adulthood dreaming up stories in and around Sinnissippi Park, the very same park that would eventually become the setting for his bestselling Word & Void trilogy. He went to college and received his und......more

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