Tale of the Lost Daughter

Tale of the Lost Daughter

Authors : Karen Clark

ISBN10 : 0993691900 ISBN13 : 9780993691904

Genres :

Language: English

4.29 /5

Paperback, 204 pages

Published November 26th 2014 by SheBard Media Inc.


With the approach of the Winter Solstice, Sarah Ashby, a rising, young financial executive, has an emotional meltdown that unleashes an overpowering hunger for some essential, lost part of herself connected to her inner power and beauty, and the mysteries of the sacred feminine.



About the author(Karen Clark)

Karen Clark is the founder of the Path of She, a journey of transformation with the sacred feminine. In her mid-twenties, a series of synchronistic events conspired to wake Karen up in the midst of a corporate, achievement-driven life and set her on a spiritual journey of reclaiming the lost pieces ......more

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