Syrian Folktales

Syrian Folktales

Authors : Muna Imady

ISBN10 : 1933455098 ISBN13 : 9781933455099

Genres :

Language: English

4.52 /5

Paperback, 126 pages

Published January 6th 2012 by MSI Press


This delightful book relates folktales from various regions of Syria. Each folktale is located on a regional map and is accompanied by a local, related recipe.


About the author(Muna Imady)

Muna Imady was born to an American mother and a Syrian father. She earned a BA in English Literature and a diploma in English-Arabic Translation from Damascus University, as well as a Maitrise from the Sorbonne.

Imady has designed for children a beginner's English reading course, and has......more

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