Sword of Hemlock (Lords of Syon Saga, #1)

Sword of Hemlock (Lords of Syon Saga, #1)

Authors : Jordan MacLean

ISBN10 : 0985395788 ISBN13 : 9780985395742

Genres :

Language: English

3.76 /5

ebook, pages

Published January 31st 2013 by Raconteur House


"Renda, you miss the war like an old love, and in the missing, you forget the bad of it. The dead, the maimed. Sure you'd not take it all back."

"Would I not?"

For Renda, Knight Commander of the Knights of Brannagh, peace doesn't sit well. Born and trained from childhood to b......more


About the author(Jordan MacLean)

For some people, it's the sight of a mountain they haven't climbed. For others, it's all about seeing a stretch of road they haven't run. For me, there's nothing more wonderful or terrifying in this world than a blank page, whether it's an actual sheet of paper or a new file in my editor. "I dare yo......more

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