Sugar Whipped

Sugar Whipped

Authors : Dez Marie

ISBN10 : 1945058137 ISBN13 : 9781945058134

Genres :


4.90 /5

ebook, 412 pages

Published March 30th 2016 by Green Ivy


Alex isn't like the other girls. Alex has secrets that only Alex knows, and she intends to keep them that way. That is, until those secrets stop her in her tracks, leading her to the dark and macabre world of BDSM to cash in on the money she needs to keep up with her addictions, as well as living th......more


About the author(Dez Marie)

A self-made woman, from the Sorority Halls of a UT University to the school of the Hard Knox, Miss Dez Marie has attempted, withdrawn, applied, failed, applied again, passed and made the Dean's List in both the Classroom as well as the street smart world she had no choice but to take notes on and go......more

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