Sprig Muslin

Sprig Muslin

Paperback, 268 pages

Published June 2nd 2005 by Arrow


Sir Gareth Ludlow was a sought-after bachelor in London high society -- wealthy, noble, handsome... and brokenhearted since the death of his true love many years ago. Resigned to remarry, Sir Gareth decides to request the hand of a woman he respects and admires -- Lady Hester Thealer. But fate takes......more


About the author(Georgette Heyer)

Georgette Heyer was a prolific historical romance and detective fiction novelist. Her writing career began in 1921, when she turned a story for her younger brother into the novel


In 1925 she married George Ronald Rougier, a mining engineer. Rougier later became a barrister a......more

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