Songs of My Selfie: An Anthology of Millennial Stories

Songs of My Selfie: An Anthology of Millennial Stories

Authors : Constance Renfrow

ISBN10 : 1941110401 ISBN13 : 9781941110409

Genres : Short Stories,Nonfiction,Short Story Collection

Language: English

3.82 /5

Paperback, 176 pages

Published April 5th 2016 by Three Rooms Press


Being twenty-something isn’t as cut and dry as it once was. For many, the early twenties is a time of tumultuous upheaval: unpaid internships, tiny apartments filled with roommates, and worries about what the future holds. For others, this is a time of stagnancy: of waiting and hoping and hometowns,......more


About the author(Constance Renfrow)

Constance Renfrow is a New-York-based writer and editor. She is the lead editor for Three Rooms Press and a freelance editor/ writing coach. She hosts a monthly open mic series at the Merchant’s House Museum. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in such places as


, and h......more

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