Hardcover, 576 pages

Published March 6th 2007 by St. Martin's Press


Spanning a thousand years, and following the shifting fortunes of two families though the ages, this is the epic saga of Rome, the city and its people.

     Weaving history, legend, and new archaeological discoveries into a spellbinding narrative, critically acclaimed novelist Steven Sayl......more


Mr. Matt

Roma is the story of Rome over a massive arc of time - from the mists of prehistory to the supremacy of Augustus and the establishment of Empire. The story is told from the perspective of two families - the Potitii and Pinarii. The story follows these two families as they pass through time as witnes......more

Al Akfar

This was an astonishingly bad book. It ranks among the worst historical fictions I have ever had the misfortune of encountering.

I'll give Saylor points for concept - an historical novel covering the history of Rome from its founding to the end of the republic is a formidable and praisewo......more


Steven Saylor definitely took on a huge task when he chose to write a novelized history of Rome from the viewpoint of one of the oldest patrician families, but least-known in modern times --- the Pinarii, and their cousins the Potitii. The novel touches on the important turning-points of Rome's hist......more


Excellent fiction. If I were to recommend a book to a child in order for them to learn more about Romans, this would be it.

For the more experienced reader, Livy would suffice.


4.5 stars. This was a very engaging, interesting and fun to read. Spaning about 1000 years of ancient Rome's history following two family's through time this was much better then I expected. Thought it would be hard to connect with the story with all the time jumping but it was much more engaging an......more


Marvellous sweeping saga by the author of the Gordianus the Finder books.

There are two families, cousins, this is their story interwined with that of Rome. From pre-history to the end of the Republic, the story of these families moves with that of Rome.

I love Steven Saylor's ......more


Roma by Saylor is a very fun read. I enjoyed it quite a bit and would have given it 5 stars, save for the last part dealing with Caesar. But we will get to that.

Roma is a historical fiction novel that weaves in mythology and history to tell the tale of Rome. Starting in 1000 BC, it tells......more


An epic biography of the city, spanning a thousand years from the first meeting of traders across the as-yet unnamed hills to the rise of Augustus Caesar. Legendary figures such as Romulus and Remus are made historical, and Saylor even gives one possible source for the birth of the legends of Hercul......more


Good book, but not as fun as Saylor's Gordianus the Finder novels/stories.

I think my problem here is the same that I have with lots of historical fiction -- or at least that branch of historical fiction which tries to cover decades & centuries in the course of one novel: you don't get to......more

Historical Fiction

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I had no expectations whatsoever going into Steven Saylor's Roma. I only stumbled on it by accident, deciding to read it on a whim more than anything else. I had no comprehension of what I was getting myself into, nor any real grasp......more

About the author(Steven Saylor)

Steven Saylor is the author of the long running

series featuring Gordianus the Finder, as well as the

bestselling novel, Roma and its follow-up,

. He has appeared as an on-air expert on Roman history and life on The History Channel.

Saylor was born i......more

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