Reason for Existence

Reason for Existence

Authors : Richard Botelho

ISBN10 : 0964392666 ISBN13 : 9780964392663

Genres : Science Fiction,Fiction

Language: English

3.91 /5

Paperback, 200 pages

Published February 1st 2016 by Windstream Publishing Company


When David Jordan, an extraterrestrial human in appearance, agrees to help U.N. Secretary General Nicholas Straka resolve an escalating nuclear crisis, he also learns he must defuse a horrifying plot to exterminate humanity by a hostile race of beings who despise human culture. Somehow, he must thwa......more


About the author(Richard Botelho)

Richard Botelho is the author of the forthcoming The Full Extent: An Inquiry Into Reality and Destiny. He also wrote the philosophical science fiction novel Reason for Existence as well as two other books, The New Individualism: Personal Change to Transform Society, a non-fiction social commentary, ......more

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