Perfect World

Perfect World

Authors : Brian James

ISBN10 : 043967364X ISBN13 : 9780439673648

Genres : Young Adult

Language: English

3.65 /5

Hardcover, 304 pages

Published October 1st 2004 by Push


A powerful, beautiful novel about growing up fast in a haunted suburban world. The proud debut of PUSH in hardcover.

Lacie's best friend Jenna wants to grow up fast. She wants to be cool and be known and be with a boy all the way. Even though Lacie isn't so sure, she follows Jenna anyway.......more


About the author(Brian James)

I've written numerous children's books, including the Pirate School series and the Catkid series. I'm also the author of several novels: Pure Sunshine; Tomorrow, Maybe; Perfect World; Dirty Liar; Thief; Zombie Blondes; The Heights.

I've written numerous children's books, including the Pir......more

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