Pan Tadeusz

Pan Tadeusz

Paperback, 598 pages

Published January 1st 1992 by Hippocrene Books


An epic tale of country life among the Polish and Lithuanian gentry in 1811-1812, PAN TADEUSZ by Adam Mickiewicz is perhaps Poland's best-known literary work and has been translated into almost every European language. This bilingual edition, with side by side Polish and English, features Kenneth R.......more


About the author(Adam Mickiewicz)

To a Pole, the name Adam Mickiewicz is emblematic of Polishness and greatness. What Homer is to the Greeks, or Shakespeare to the British, Mickiewicz is to the Poles. He is a cultural icon, a name inextricably connected with Polish literature and history, and one mentioned with pride. Mickiewicz sta......more

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