Paint the Wind

Paint the Wind

Hardcover, 327 pages

Published September 1st 2007 by Scholastic Press


This epic horse story, in the tradition of BLACK STALLION, marks exciting new territory for one of our most treasured and celebrated novelists.

A puzzling photograph, a box filled with faded toy horses, and a single fractured memory are all that Maya has left of her mother. In Grandmothe......more



Little known fact:

My mother was visiting with her father for a week-long horse-back riding trip somewhere out in Nevada once upon a time. Coincidently, Pam (the author of this book) was there at the same time as my mother. She was on a research trip for this very book. The two chatted, e......more


I may be a fanatic but i have read this book about eight times. I read it whenever i have nothing else to read and i enjoy it every time!

It starts with Maya, living under her grandmother's controlling care, and always dreaming about seeing the horses her parents loved so much. To her th......more


This is definitely in my top 10 books. I wasn't sure about reading this because it had to do with fantasy and horses and I just wasn't up to trying to believe in Pegasus horses that live by a magical lake. Then I started to get into it and I really liked it. The beginning is pretty good, and I like ......more


This book......oh my..... lets do some comparison.


Only horse-based novel that doesn't follow suit with saddle club

Good plot and story line

Realistic story-line and characters and facts

The focus of the novel stayed the same the entire bo......more

Rena Sherwood

Oh my GAWD this book was bad. Where to even start? Nothing for it but to make a list of why



* Does the author know anything about horses? The main horse is given a name more than three syllables long. Horses (and......more

Beth A.

My son is reading this as part of "Battle of the Books." I wanted to screen it because of the "being held captive by her grandmother" bit mentioned in the book description. So I found an audiobook version on Library2go, and listened. It was fine. Grandmother was pathologically restrictive, but it wa......more


I am a retired elementary teacher but still substitute teach. Apparently 40 years wasn't enough teaching time for me. On one of my substitute days the teacher had this book in her plans for the read aloud time, and I read chapter 9 to the students. That chapter enticed me to want to read the whole b......more


REEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY GUD BOOK KIND OF DIGUSTING AT FIRST but then u get so in to it its not even funny


Maya has spent the last six years with her overbearing, controlling grandmother since her parents' death. She is forbidden to speak of her mother or to play, have fun, etc. When her grandmother dies, she is sent to live with the other side of her family, who she has been told are ignorant hillbillie......more

Lars Guthrie

Now I've read and own the complete Munoz Ryan chapter-book collection. While 'Paint the Wind' ranks slightly below the stellar 'Esperanza Rising,' it's right up there with the others: the recent 'The Dreamer,' 'Becoming Naomi Leon,' and 'Riding Freedom.'

'Paint' is ostensibly a horse stor......more

About the author(Pam Muñoz Ryan)

Pam Muñoz Ryan is the author of the New York Times Best Seller, ECHO, a 2016 Newbery Honor Book, and winner of the Kirkus Prize. She has written over forty books for young people—picture books, early readers, and middle grade and young adult novels. She the author recipient of the NEA's Human and Ci......more

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