One True Love

One True Love

Authors : Gina Duncan

ISBN10 : 1610346645 ISBN13 : 9781610346641

Genres :

Language: English

5.00 /5

Paperback, 248 pages

Published May 26th 2011 by Siren Publishing


[Siren Allure: Erotic Historical Romance] Virginia is determined not to let anything keep Mathias away. Not their parents, not an ocean, and not even Mathias's own vow never to love again. First, she has to find a way to bring him home, and then she'll find a way inside his heart. Mathias never want......more


About the author(Gina Duncan)

I'm an Erotic Romance Author currently writing for three publishers; Siren-Bookstrand Inc., Jupiter Gardens Press, and Leap of Faith Publishing. I live in a small town in Ohio at present. I have also lived in Kentucky and Louisiana for a short time.

Before I was an author I was a state t......more

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