On Herring Cove Road: Mr. Jew and the Goy Boy

On Herring Cove Road: Mr. Jew and the Goy Boy

Authors : Michael Kroft

ISBN10 : 1499578792 ISBN13 : 9781499578799

Genres : Fiction,Modern


4.16 /5

Paperback, 270 pages

Published June 4th 2014 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform


-Julie S., NY

Once an amusing extrovert with a reputation as a prankster, Mr. Rosen is entering his senior years as a stoic, thirty-year converted introvert who hates change, has little to no interest in people and is more than content to have his wife sit in the navigator's seat of his l......more


About the author(Michael Kroft)

Michael Kroft is a Nova Scotian Haligonian and writes fun, easy-to-read character-driven novels about the relationships between complex and mostly lovable characters that are as important to the story as the plot itself. Having completed his first four-book series, Herring Cove Road, where each nove......more

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