Ode to Kirihito, Part 1

Ode to Kirihito, Part 1

Paperback, 480 pages

Published March 30th 2010 by Vertical


Kirihito Osanai is a young doctor who's just been introduced to the Monmow disease, which transforms humans into dog-like beasts and kills them within a month of the metamorphosis. While studying the pathology of the disease Kirihito himself becomes an unknowing guinea pig for his hospital's researc......more


About the author(Osamu Tezuka)

Dr. Osamu Tezuka (

) was a Japanese manga artist, animator, producer and medical doctor, although he never practiced medicine. Born in Osaka Prefecture, he is best known as the creator of Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion. He is often credited as the "Father of Anime", and is often consi......more

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