My Delicate Destruction

My Delicate Destruction

Authors : Jillian Gibson

ISBN10 : 1546499261 ISBN13 : 9781546499268

Genres : Science Fiction,Dystopia,Business,Amazon

Language: English

3.81 /5

, 278 pages

Published July 2016 by


Katerina Anderson and her twin brother Kris were promised a cure for their cancer, but there was a catch. The drug had to be administered while in cryostasis. Kat and Kris go under, daring to hope that they would have a bright future.

When Kat awakes, there is only darkness. Her brother ......more


About the author(Jillian Gibson)


I am Jillian Gibson, a newly, self-published author. I love science-fiction in all forms. Deadly Cure is part of a series I've been working on called the Wolfegang Series. I am currently in progress on the second one and hope to have it up here by the end of Summer 2013.


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