Murder by Proxy

Murder by Proxy

Authors : Sandra Olson

ISBN10 : 1462619843 ISBN13 : 9781462619849

Genres :

Language: English

3.61 /5

Paperback, 272 pages

Published June 1st 2011 by Publish America


Joyce Lattimer is thrilled when she becomes a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at a large Boston hospital, but while caring for the sick infants she discovers someone deliberately causing their deaths. When the nurse responsible is uncovered the Hospital Board refuses to believe that one of......more


About the author(Sandra Olson)

I'm a retired Registered Nurse who loves to write. I have 15 published novels; 3 medical thrillers( Rebirth & Murder by Proxy, Behind Prison Bars) 2 romantic thrillers (The Turquoise Cross & Connections) and 10 James Ford detective mysteries (Toxic Blood, Finding the Lost Ones, Cold-blooded Revenge,......more

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