Muddy Jungle Rivers

Muddy Jungle Rivers

Authors : Wendell Affield

ISBN10 : 098470230X ISBN13 : 9780984702305

Genres :

Language: English

4.32 /5

Paperback, 352 pages

Published February 25th 2012 by Hawthorn Petal Press


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Muddy Jungle Rivers is a close-up look at life on a gunboat during 1968, the bloodiest year of the Vietnam War. It’s the story of a seven-man crew captained by a volatile pro-war enlisted man. Like Philip Caputo’s “A Rumor Of War,” this narrative ta......more


About the author(Wendell Affield)

It’s one thing to write a book; it’s another to live it.

Wendell Affield never knew his father. His childhood was punctuated by a volatile mother and an unpredictable stepfather. At twelve he and his siblings were placed in foster homes, his mother committed to a mental hospital. At sixt......more

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