Mostly Madly

Mostly Madly

Authors : Patrick Fealey

ISBN10 : 0615614582 ISBN13 : 9780615614588

Genres :

Language: English

2.00 /5

Kindle Edition, 185 pages

Published August 2012 by Hathaway & Company


Love and its pain. Sex and its satisfactions. The joys of both. Mostly Madly is about a young journalist who is mourning the loss of first love and the women who remedy him – at their own pleasure and peril. Tommy Risk is a man in transition, moving on from his girlfriend of five years, Jess, a cool......more


About the author(Patrick Fealey)

Born in New York City 1967. Reporter for Boston Globe. Flew with Navy Seals, got a note from Pavarotti, was told my a pulitzer winner that he had "been enjoying the flair of your writing style." Quit journalism at the age of 29. Rooming houses, welfare hotel and heroin, couches, church, manic depres......more

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